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Our Amazing Story: The Journey of ThatsSmoooth

Imagine stories that bring meaning to life, making every moment feel significant. ThatsSmoooth embarks on a grand adventure, just like the heroes in epic tales, with a mission to help you find more meaning in life by empowering you to "Own Your Look" and "Own Your Energy."

Our story is dedicated to those with unique hair types who have often been overlooked. We stand for individuals with wavy, curly, and thick hair, including Afro-Latino, African-American, Latino, Asian, and Middle Eastern men. While other companies may have neglected you, we haven't.

If you have hair that's not like everyone else's and struggle to find products that work for you, our mission is to change that. We are committed to eliminating dry beards, flaky skin, irritation, and bumpy skin. We reject razors that can't handle your hair and products that are merely adequate but not perfect for you.

At ThatsSmoooth, we meticulously select the highest quality natural ingredients, ensuring each product is tailored specifically for the unique needs of multicultural men. Our formulas are designed to provide the utmost care, nourishment, and effectiveness, giving you the confidence to embrace your natural texture and look your best.

We understand you because we are you. Whether you have a rough beard that needs moisture, sensitive skin that gets easily irritated, or unique hair that demands a great shave, ThatsSmoooth is here for you.

Our journey began in Harlem, NY, a vibrant community known for its cultural diversity and creativity. Harlem inspires its residents to stay bold and proactive, never waiting for someone else to take charge. ThatsSmoooth embodies this spirit, celebrating the legacy of Black and Brown men, past, present, and future, who proudly embrace their identity.

Our founder, Miguel Martinez, grew up feeling left out because the products available for shaving didn't cater to his specific hair texture and melanated skin. Determined to make a difference, Miguel created ThatsSmoooth not just for himself, but for his sons and everyone with similar needs.

Miguel's personal experience with products that harmed his skin and hair drove him to develop ThatsSmoooth. He persevered, crafting solutions that cater to those with unique hair textures. We're here to affirm that your story matters, no matter your background or appearance. ThatsSmoooth is dedicated to enhancing your story.

Your Story Matters

Just like heroes on a quest, we are on a journey too. ThatsSmoooth is committed to improving your life, especially if you have unique hair. We believe in your story and are here to help you "Own Your Look" in your own extraordinary way.

Multicultural men of color, we stand with you because You Matter!


About Our Brand


We looked at all the products in grooming sections and online, and still had one question:What about all of us without European textured hair?

Us: The Afro-Latino, African-American, Latino, Asian, Middle Eastern and multicultural man with kinky, wavy and curly hair and beards. We’ve long been ignored in the grooming industry – Until Now.

ThatsSmoooth fills in the gap for the wavy, curly, kinky and thick - because most drugstore and luxury brands are simply not designed for us.



- Dry beards or dandruff.
- Razors that can't handle texture.
- Cheap ingredients that cause irritation and breakouts.
- Products that are "good enough" but not perfect for us.

We know you, because we are you.

Whether you have a coarse beard that needs hydration, skin that shows texture and is easily irritated or have unique hair and just want the perfect shave— multicultural men, We've got you.


 "I was forking over dollars to companies that didn’t care enough about me or men like me to create products with us in mind. So I decided to createmy solution"
-Miguel Martinez, Founder of ThatsSmoooth

 Born in the melting pot that is Harlem, our founder Miguel Martinez spent decades having to settle for shaving products that were not made for his Afro-Latino hair texture or skin type.

Stuck with multi-blade cartridge razors and harsh products that damaged and irritated his skin, like so many other men of color Miguel was expected to just "put up" with the market. After years of over-cutting his multi-textured hair and irritating his sensitive skin causing razor bumps he'd had enough.
It was clear men of color were stuck: between cheaply made beauty supply/ drug store brands, and prestige/luxury brands - created principally for people who didn't look like him.
A community like Harlem and the folks who it breathes life into stay creative, stay bold - and they definitely don't wait for someone  else to hold it down. So Miguel got to work. For himself, for his sons and for the community. 
ThatsSmoooth is a testament to that legacy, and all the other men of color past present and future who own who they are.