An Open Letter To My Multicultural Brethren

For decades, I, a Latino, Multicultural man with wavy and curly hair, had to endure shaving products that were not made for my hair texture or skin type. In addition, Multi-blade cartridge razors failed to provide me with a proper shave. Instead, damaging and irritating my skin. They over-cut my hair – causing razor bumps as well. I would even have to resort to growing a beard periodically, and refrain from shaving on weekends just to get a break from these issues. I felt stuck: between cheaply made beauty supply/ drug store brands, and prestige/luxury brands - created principally for people who don’t look like me.

So I decided to create my solution.

That's Smoooth founder and creator Miguel Martinez

My skin was so noticeably improved that friends and family all wanted me to make it for them. Further research showed that brown and black men account for 30% of grooming industry revenues/  or $10 Billion respectively. I felt used: I was forking over dollars to companies that didn’t care enough about me or men like me to create products with us in mind. So I created the That’s Smoooth Shaving System and Beard Oil.

If you’ve felt like I have, then give us a shot. After all, we’re made specifically for you.

Our Promise

We want to elevate your shaving standard by improving your skin’s condition and appearance. Our products are made with only the best natural and organic ingredients: free from parabens, phthalates, sulfates, and synthetic fragrances.

Our Guarantee

If Your Not Satisfied for Any Reason - Return Within 30 Days For a Full Refund  

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