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Synthetic Silvertip Badger Shave Brush (Broche De Afeitar Super-Suave De Pelo Tejón Sintética)

The secret weapon in preventing razor bumps/ingrown hairs for men of color with wavy, curly, and thick hair textures.

Good Brush

"Goes on very smoothly when using it with the shaving cream."

Melodie B. - A Verified Buyer

$ 35.00


Our Cruelty Free, Super-Soft synthetic bristles on our Synthetic Silvertip Badger Shave Brush rivals the feel of the very best of badger-hair brushes – without the foul smell.

Lifts facial hair off of the skin`s surface for a super close, bump-free and effective shave. Lasts twice as long as natural bristle brushes.

Our non-slip handle is easy to use - even on wet and soapy hands. Holds more lather, it’s more hygienic. Dries faster for traveling.

Key Features Include:

  • Luxury design
  • Super-soft synthetic bristles
  • Knurled non-slip handle

Chrome plated solid brass. Product Details:  Height of 4 inches and a Weight of 4 oz.

How To Use:

  • Wet brush in hot water
  • Shake off excess water
  • Cover top of index finger with shaving cream
  • Put a dime size amount of water into a cup/shaving bowl, mix until you build a thick lather (no large bubbles)
  • Apply using circular strokes.

Best Used With

  • Classic Two-Piece Single Blade Safety Razor
  • Natural Pre-Shave Oil 
  • Premium Natural 3 n 1 Shaving Cream
  • Premium Natural 3 n 1 Aftershave Balm
  • Premium Natural 3 in 1 Exfoliating Beard & Facial Wash.