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The BEST shaving products for textured hair

THE BEST: Shaving Products that 100% Body Textured Hair

You know it, we know it, your neighbor, friends little cousin, your grandma and most of the internet know it. We don't fit in one neat little box.

Multicultural men of color with wavy and curly hair have been long ignored in the shaving industry. Our thicker, curlier, and coarser textures simply weren't part of the design process, and that's resulted in a lot of pain and discomfort in razor bumps and razor burn.

Those days are over. It's time for the needs of wavy, curly, kinky and textured beards and hair to take precedent.

We did the research and came up with 5 crucial components you need to up your shaving game.  

1. Use A Single Blade Razor

Those Big Brands don't want you to know the truth, so we're going to say it: multi-blade cartridge razors are aggressive on beards with a curlier or coarser texture.

They remove layers of skin and over-cut your hair too far below the skin level, leaving you with razor bumps and irritated skin to match. They were not designed for curly, wavy, and kinky hair...and it shows.

But with a small change to your shaving & grooming routine you can clear up that problem and your skin. That's where single blade razors come in. They make it easier to shave in a way that’s razor bump and irritation free.

Single-blade razors are also better for your wallet than multi-blade razors. Don’t be fooled by the low intro offer prices. In exchange for a free cartridge holder you’ll pay an average of $2 - $4 per cartridge. That really adds up. Compare this to purchasing a razor (built to last a lifetime), and filling it with blades which cost an average of $0.50 (cents).

Plus they're better for the environment because there's less plastic waste too.

Long story short, single blades are less expensive, last longer, and give you a close, gentle shave that achieves the look you want.

That's exactly why we designed our premium nonslip design single-blade razors for men with wavy and curly hair.

2. Bring Back The Shaving Brush

Ever wonder why you didn’t see razor bumps on your grandfather? What’s Old is New Again. 

It's because they used shave brushes to lift their hair off of the surface of their skin, which makes for a super-close and clean shave.

No need to be fooled by products that claim to lift your facial hairs up on their own. They don’t. A simple shaving brush does all the heavy lifting.

That’s why the best shaving barbers worldwide all use shaving brushes. It’s a crucial step if you want a shave free of razor bumps and skin irritation.

3. Try A Pre-Shave Oil

Pre-shave oil is an underrated fixture in beard maintenance.

It helps wavy and curly textured beards prepare for a shave, keeping your skin super smooth and protecting it from irritation and ingrown hairs.

Here's how it works - once you're using a single-blade razor, add a pre-shave oil to your grooming routine. Simply apply a dime-size amount of the oil in your palms after a hot towel or shower and spread across your beard.

Within a couple of shaves you'll notice your well oiled facial hair makes it easy to cleanly and perfectly hit the mark, leaving itchy, irritated skin and razor bumps behind.

Make sure to look for a pre-oil that has natural ingredients (we use castor seed, avocado and tea tree oil in our pre-shave oil

4. Get A Shaving Cream Made for Your Hair Texture

Ever wonder why you see so many products that are supposed to help with razor bumps?

That's because most shaving products are made for the general consumer market and NOT for those of us with thick, wavy and curly hair textures.

They don't work for us because they weren't designed for us.

We created the first shaving cream specifically designed by and for those of us with textured hair. In fact, I personally researched, formulated, and tested our 3-in-1 Natural Shaving Cream because my sons and I needed a better option.

Make sure to look for a shaving cream that actually helps to improve the condition and appearance of your skin – just as if you’d had a facial.

And, be sure it doesn't contain parabens, phthalates, sulfates or synthetic fragrances, which ultimately damage your skin, your  appearance, and your health.

5. Pick Up A Natural Aftershave

Don’t let the wonderful aromas fool you. Synthetic fragrances often hide alcohol based antiseptics that harm your skin. Alcohol dries your skin and ages it, which can eventually lead to razor bumps as well.

We recommend using a balm that's made from natural ingredients and botanicals (which smell great), and contain no synthetic fragrances.

Look for simple ingredients like Safflower Oleosomes, Colloidal Oatmeal, and Chamomile, which naturally soothe, calm, and restore your skin, keeping you looking Smoooth all day long.