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Classic Two-Piece Single Blade Safety Razor (no Rasurador Clásico Con Navaja De Doble Filo)

This razor is clinically proven to Prevent Razor Bumps and Irritation

Best razor I’ve used

"This blade is hands down the best I’ve doesn’t irritate my skin like the other 3 or 4 blades...I use the entire kit and my skin is left feeling extremely smooth and looking good I definitely recommend this blade especially for us african American men"

Philip W. - A Verified Buyer

$ 55.00


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You know your unique hair texture needs that special TLC. We got your face covered with this one. This razor is clinically proven to Prevent Razor Bumps and Irritation. A "Must Have" for multicultural men of color with wavy, curly and thick hair types.

Gives you a super-close, non-aggressive shave
Luxury Non Slip Design
Engineered to last a lifetime
No Need to Fear Using a Razor Again!
Our Classic Two-Piece Single Blade razor leaves you with a super-close non-aggressive shave every time. Manufactured using the highest manufacturing process available. Built to last a lifetime.

Bonus 15-pack of Super Platinum Double Edge Blades.

Made With
• Luxury Design
• Knurled Non-Slip Handle
• Chrome Plated Solid Brass
• Zinc Alloy Head
• Closed Combed

Product Details
• Height: 4 inches
• Weight: 5.5 oz

Best Used With
• Premium Natural Pre-Shave Oil (Aceite Natural Para Antes Del Afeitado)
• Premium Natural 5n1 Shaving Cream (3en1 Crema de Afeitar Natural)
• Premium Natural 3n1 Aftershave Balm (3en1 Balsamo Natural Para Despues Del Afeitado)
• Synthetic Silvertip Badger Shave Brush (Broche De Afeitar Super-Suave De Pelo Tejón Sintética)
• Premium Natural 3 in 1 Exfoliating Beard & Facial Wash (Lavado Exfoliante Para La Barba Y La Cara)


1) Lay razor on its head with base of handle faced up
2) Turn knob counter-clockwise[left] until head comes off
3) Place double edge blade into slots
4) Insert handle into slots [until you feel the spring] with fingers at each end of base
5) Turn knob clockwise[right] until it tightens
6) Tilt razor at a 30degree angle and make short strokes
(Guide it and glide it)