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Best Shaving Products for People of Color

The Best Shaving Products for People of Color with Wavy & Curly Hair Thoughts and ideas from That's Smoooth Multicultural men with wavy and curly hair have been long ignored in the shaving industry. Our thicker, curlier, and coarser textures haven't always been accommodated for, and that's resulted in a lot of pain and discomfort in razor bumps and razor burn. Those days are over. With companies like New York City's That's Smoooth on the rise, the needs of wavy and curly hair ethnic men take priority. Here are some of the crucial components to take into account when purchasing shaving products for your multicultural texture. Single Blade Razor Multi-blade cartridge razors will often be aggressive on beards with a curlier...

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What Beard Oil Is Best for the Multicultural Man?

What Beard Oil Is Best for the Multicultural Man? Beard Oil for Thick, Curly, and Wavy Beards All-Natural Beard Oil Beard oil is an essential product in any beard maintenance routine. All-natural beard oil can be the solution to a wide variety of beard and skin issues, including: • Flakiness • Irritation • Dullness • Dryness • Itchiness These issues are unpleasant visually, but they can feel even worse. Beard oil can help you and your beard look your absolute best, nourishing both your hair and skin underneath. The benefits of beard oils are outstanding. Just to name a few: • Hydration • Conditioning • Vibrancy No one needs or wants an itchy beard. That's why picking out the best...

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Shave Better The Correct Way: Shaving Tips Debunked

Although shaving has been around for a very long time as a convenient way to remove hair, common myths and misconceptions have too long been around. Check out the most common myths about shaving so that you can start shaving the correct, clean way 1) I can't shave with a razor Multicultural afro-latino men with wavy and curly hair often believe this is true. In fact, the problem lies not with using a razor but with using the wrong razor. I too am an afro-latino man with wavy and curly hair; but, when I learned what the true problem was, I immediately set out to correct it. Start Your Shave With The Right Routine Despite what you may think, multiple...

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