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"I have to rock a beard" is a LIE: Shaving Myths for the Man of Color Debunked

Although shaving has been around for a very long time as a convenient way to remove hair, common myths and misconceptions have  been around just as long. We're KO'ing the most common myths about shaving for men of color, because we're done with being told what is and is not for us.

1) I can't shave with a razor

Multicultural, Latino, Afro-Latino and Black men with wavy and curly hair often believe this is true. In fact, the problem lies not with using a razor but with using the wrong razor.

I too am an afro-latino man with wavy and curly hair; but, when I learned what the true problem was, I immediately set out to correct it.

Start Your Shave With The Right Routine

Despite what you may think, multiple blade razors can cause razor bumps and skin irritation for men with wavy and curly hair. Yet, multiple blade razors are the wrong type of razors to use for wavy and curly hair. Single blade razors don't shave hair below the skin line. When used after properly preparing hair prior to being shaved, you will have a close and bump-free result.

2) Clippers & Electric Razors Are The Best

Although clipper and electric razors will shave without bumps, there is one clear exception: electric razors don't offer a close shave.

After taking a survey of 400 people from different cultural backgrounds, I learned that all preferred smooth skin and disliked beard stubble rubbing (better yet, scratching) across their cheeks. Electric razors won't give you that close shave without also giving your skin irritation or razor bumps.

Electric shavers act like mini lawn mowers on your skin.
Electric razors pull and cut the hair while irritating the skin and face. This can cause the skin on the face to "toughen up" in order to withstand those shavers.

3) "I Don't Have Time In The Morning" OR "Shaving Takes Too Much Of My Time"

Your face is what people see first. It's the only body part that is exposed to the environment practically 100% of the time. It needs to have care and proper attention. Properly prepping your face and having the proper shaving and grooming routine will ensure that your hair and your skin has the best groomed look while also ensuring that your face is protected against harmful environmental exposure.

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4) Multi Blade Razors Are In & Old School (Or Single Blade Razors) Are Out

During the 1970’s Gillette, Schick, and other shaving products manufacturers introduced the cartridge razor; basically as way to generate more recurring revenue. Their traditional Safety Razors were manufactured so well (They last a lifetime) that after the average person would own one, or maybe two, there was little to no incentive to buy another; and the blades that went into them were so inexpensive, the manufacturers couldn't grow revenue as aggressively as desired.

Multi-blade cartridges pull/over-cut the hair, which causes it to fall below the skin level. The more cartridges, the more it cuts the hair. The result: when wavy and curly textured hair dries, it takes on its natural pattern which often results in the hair either growing in a sideways pattern inside the follicle or curling back into it. This makes the body close in on the follicle and attack it as a foreign substance creating infolliculitis barbae, or bumps from ingrown hair. In fact, these razors create the very problems that they claim to eliminate.

5) Shaving Products Are Made To Properly Shave Every Man

Shaving products manufacturers have created their products for the majority. Being a multicultural man with wavy and curly hair often requires special attention that shaving manufacturers have failed to give. As individuals with a multicultural background, we need shaving products that serve our needs and that reflect our specific hair texture. This, more than anything else, is the cause of shaving ailments experienced by people with wavy or curly hair.

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