Best Shaving Products for People of Color

The Best Shaving Products for People of Color with Wavy & Curly Hair

Thoughts and ideas from That's Smoooth

Multicultural men with wavy and curly hair have been long ignored in the shaving industry. Our thicker, curlier, and coarser textures haven't always been accommodated for, and that's resulted in a lot of pain and discomfort in razor bumps and razor burn.

Those days are over. With companies like New York City's That's Smoooth on the rise, the needs of wavy and curly hair ethnic men take priority. Here are some of the crucial components to take into account when purchasing shaving products for your multicultural texture.

Single Blade Razor

Multi-blade cartridge razors will often be aggressive on beards with a curlier or coarser texture. They remove layers of skin, and over-cut your hair too far below the skin level, leaving you with razor bumps and irritated skin to match. With a small change you can shave without these issues.

A single-blade razor is essential for anyone with a multicultural beard. With a single blade, it’s easier to shave in a way that’s razor bump and irritation free.

Single-blade razors are also better for your wallet: Don’t be fooled by the low intro prices. In exchange for a free cartridge holder you’ll pay an average of $2 - $4 per cartridge. This really adds up. Compare this to purchasing a razor (built to last a lifetime), and filling it with blades which cost an average of .50 (cents). You’ll save a ton - do the math!

Single blades give you the close, gentle shave that will achieve the look you want. Designed for an entire lifetime's use, That's Smoooth's luxury, nonslip design single-blade razors are the premium razors for multicultural men.

Shaving Brush

What’s Old is New Again. Ever wonder why you didn’t see razor bumps on your grandfathers? Because they used shave brushes to lift their hair off of the surface of their skin so it can be shaven super-close and cleanly. No need to be fooled by products that claim to lift your facial hairs up on their own. They don’t. Nothing lifts hairs up better. That’s why the best shaving barbers worldwide all use shaving brushes. It’s a crucial step if you want a razor bump – free shave. That’s Smoooth luxury designed shave brush is an answer.

Try a Pre-Shave Oil

Pre-shave oil is an underrated fixture in beard maintenance. Pre-shave oil helps wavy and curly textured beards prepare for a shave, leaving your skin protected from irritation and ingrown hairs. Protecting your skin before a shave is essential for men with this beard texture. With a single-blade razor's gentle approach to your already oiled facial hair, itchy , irritated skin, and razor bumps can be a thing of the past.

Simply apply a dime-size amount of the oil in your palms after a hot towel or shower and spread across your beard. With natural ingredients that include castor seed, avocado, and tea tree oil, That's Smoooth has the pre-shave oil to give you a top-notch shave.

Use a Shaving Cream Made for Your Hair Texture

The grooming industry traditionally makes products for the general consumer (Hint. Hint. This does not include you – ethnic man!). Ever wonder why there’s been a proliferation of razor bump products? Simply put, because they’re not made with you in mind. They just don’t hold up as well for thick, wavy and curly hair textures.

That’s Smoooth brand was created out of the personal need of the founder, Miguel Martinez’ need to have natural products which held up for him and his sons textured hair. Made for premium skincare first, the 3 in 1 Natural Shaving Cream is built for wavy and curly textured hair. A revolutionary, natural, multi-tasking/purpose formulation that goes beyond shaving to improve the condition and appearance of your skin – just as if you’d had a facial. Containing no parabens, phthalates, sulfates or synthetic fragrances you can shave with confidence.


Don’t let the wonderful aromas fool you. Synthetic fragrances masking alcohol based antiseptics are not the best for your skin. Alcohol dries your skin and ages it. They can eventually lead to razor bumps as well. Best to use a balm which is made with natural ingredients and botanicals (which smell great), and contain no synthetic fragrances. That’s Smoooth 3 in 1 Aftershave Balm will natural soothe, calm, restore, and protect your skin while hydrating/moisturizing – all day long. Besides, who wants an aftershave clashing with their cologne of choice?

What to Do Now

Thanks to eCommerce, you can find the few brands, like That’s Smoooth, who create products with you in mind. Our distinction is that we bridge the gap between low quality drugstore and ethnic beauty supply store brands and luxury/prestige brands not made with us in mind (Wavy and Curly hair). With us, you can rest assured that all of our products are natural and beneficial to you, your beard, and your skin. Don’t hesitate. Feel free to reach out to us at: or visit us at: Your skin will love you for it.

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