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Five Multicultural Shaving Myths Debunked!

Five Multicultural Shaving Myths Debunked!


This is perhaps the biggest myth that we encounter from men below the age of 50. I too, an Afro-Latino with wavy hair, suffered, but when I learned what the true problem was, I immediately set out to correct it. The problem is not what it appears. The real problem is that they are shaving with the WRONG razor, and the wrong prep routine. Let me explain:

First of all, groom shaving originated from men with textured hair, in Egypt, thousands of years ago. Just look at photos of men of color, especially Black men, 60 to 100 years ago. Guess what’s missing? Yep: razor bumps/ingrown hairs! Why? Because they used single blade razors, which DO NOT shave hair below the skin line, and they properly prepared the hair so that it was properly positioned prior to being shaven. The result was a close and bump-free shave. If you check all of the leading medical journals from the Mayo Clinic, etc., they all recommend to use single blade razors if you want a close, bump free shave.


Clipper and electric razors will shave without bumps, but with a few exceptions: First, they don’t shave close. I took a survey asking women of all races, ethnicities, and age groups of shaving age. 400 to be exact. They ALL, without exception, said that they prefer smooth. In further questioning, I uncovered that they disliked beard stubble rubbing (better yet, scratching) across their cheeks, and especially against their bodies. Secondly, electric shavers act like mini lawn mowers: pulling and cutting the hair, and irritating the face, which causes the skin to have to “toughen up” in order to withstand those shavers. That’s NOT smooth! So for what it’s worth, if smooth is important, as it is to your wife or significant other, then this alternative won’t cut it—no pun intended!


Really! Would you take a 2 minute shower knowing that you have an 8 to 10 hour day? Not if you care about how you smell (I’m just saying)! So why would you take that approach to the body part that is your primary representation?

Your face is what people see first. In addition, it is the only body part that is exposed to the environment practically 100 percent of the time…and you don’t have time to prepare and protect it properly? You better! You wouldn’t want a woman with an unkept face, or with rough skin would you? That’s why women care for their skin, and you better care for yours as well. Men, we are living longer, working out more, etc. Nevertheless, many are walking around with the fitness of a 30 year old’s, but with a 65 year old face! That will be you if you don’t properly care for your face. That’s like being mad at the Dentist for your gum disease because YOU don’t find the time to floss. Guys, we have acid rain, harmful UV rays, and inclement weather. Protect your face!

Properly prepping your face, and having the proper shaving and grooming routine will prep your hair and skin for the best groomed look, while protecting your face against harmful environmental exposure…and That’s Smoooth.


Not If You Have Wavy or Curly Textured Hair!!! During the 1970’s Gillette, Schick, and other shaving products manufacturers introduced the cartridge razor; basically as way to generate more recurring revenue. Their traditional Safety Razors were manufactured so well (They last a lifetime) that after the average person would own one, or maybe two, there was little to no incentive to buy another; and the blades that went into them were so inexpensive, the manufacturers couldn't grow revenue as aggressively as desired. So, by creating disposable cartridges, this set up the public to have to buy razors more frequently-- by making changes to cartridges. To keep this going, they kept adding blades, resulting in us having to buy new razors to hold these multi- blade cartridges, and at ever increasing prices. Unfortunately, they are bad for men with textured hair. How?

Multi-blade cartridges pull, and then over-cut the hair, which causes it to fall below the skin level. The more cartridges, the more it cuts the hair. The result: when textured hair dries, it takes on its natural pattern; which often results in the hair either growing in a sideways pattern inside the follicle, or curls back into it, which results in the body closing the follicle, and attacking it as a foreign substance, creating infolliculitis barbae, or bumps from ingrown hair. In fact, these razors create the very problems that they claim to eliminate.

In addition, there is a higher propensity to being irritated. When you shave, you are also removing a micro layer of skin. The more blades, the more skin. So, in essence you are clobbering your skin barrier with Multi-Blades. When you have removed any skin, you have affected your skin barrier, and your skin begins to lose moisture, and to become susceptible to bacteria. Dry skin and bacteria—No Es Bueno!


Not!!! Shaving products manufacturers have created their products for the majority: typically meaning a Caucasian male of shaving age, but NOT YOU! You are a Multi-Cultural man, with textured hair. And despite how you are classified in the census, you are genetically mixed. Your hair and skin reflect that. Therefore, it is imperative to use shaving products, and the proper shaving technique that works for you. This, more than anything else is the cause of shaving ailments experienced by men of color, or with wavy and curly textured hair.

Áurea4Shave, has created the “That’s Smoooth” shaving products line for you (specifically for men with wavy to curly textured hair), so that you can shave close, every day, without the fear of irritation, or razor bumps. A single blade razor: perfectly weighted, and specially engineered to shave wavy and curly textured hair close, yet non-aggressively. Products: a revolutionary multi-tasking formulation which reverses the effects of shaving, repairs the skin barrier, and retains moisture twice as fast as competitive products, with no harmful ingredients (such as parabens, phthalates, sulfates or synthetic fragrance), made with natural and organic ingredients. This formulation properly preps, nourishes, purifies, balances, restores, and hydrates your skin-all day long- while smoothing your skin.